North Carolina We Did Roam

Our first tour of the summer had us rambling across North Carolina, starting with a few days on the Outer Banks. The Steel Wheels played the Ocrafolk festival on Ocracoke Island, where we were able to grab some beach time.

Wright Brothers Museum
Ocracoke Island 2012

We have fond memories of our times on Ocracoke years ago, and visiting some of the same places gave us a chance to reminisce. More than once we uttered the words, “Norah would have loved this so much.” She loved water and the ocean and would spend hours happily playing in the waves.

From the Outer Banks, we made our way across NC to Southwest VA, where we stayed with our dear friends at Blue Willow Grazers. They are building a beautiful life for themselves and their 4 girls on a small farm where they raise grass fed beef cattle using progressive pasturing techniques. They even put us to work moving the cattle to new pastures, which put Peggy way out of her comfort zone (her comfort zone is anywhere there is no chance of meeting a snake). But L felt right at home and yelled at the cows and mucked through the creeks with the rest of the girls.

That’s L in the orange!

Setting up merch

From there it was back to work, with the Steel Wheels finishing out the weekend with a few shows in VA and back in NC. We were gone 11 days, giving us a good taste of being on the road. We are glad to be back home but we’re looking forward to some more adventures later in the summer, with more festivals and road trips on the horizon.

Hanging out at WNCW radio studio with The Steel Wheels

9 Replies to “North Carolina We Did Roam”

  1. Jacki Stranathan says:

    Love seeing this.

  2. Cindy Dickel says:

    Wow…looks like you are making some lovely new memories for your family. Never forget the old ones but cherish the new ones too. Looks like Lydia is making the best of your time on the air….P.S. I enjoyed getting to listen to you live via my computer. Blessings to you.

  3. Peg says:

    WNC interview rocked. Loved the songs you shared.
    Was glad to listen live.
    Love. Love and a bear hug.

  4. Laurie Weaver says:

    Ah, Okrakoke. We have memories there as well. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Christina Laprad says:

    These are beautiful pictures. Look at Lydia, wild and free! I read and re-read the beautifully written words of all of your entries. I imagine the tender pain of living every “first” without Norah- in revisiting the places she loved, but also the pain of creating new memories without her. I continue to grieve with you. I also continue to be grateful – for your family, for the memories you have made with Norah, and for a beautiful soul that in only 10 short years, has gripped so many hearts and touched so many lives. We remember you Norah! We love you Brubakers!

  6. Vickie Glinski says:


  7. Jan Houser says:

    Thank you so much for mustering the courage to write this blog. My husband and I, Steve and Jan, met your parents at the second Red Wing Festival gospel hour. Ever since then, we have felt a kinship with your family. We love you all and pray for you.

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