We love our Blue Ridge Mountains

We eased into our trip with a few shortish drives that got us used to rolling in the truck. The first stop was at the Blue Ridge Music Center, a beautiful outdoor music venue and museum on the Parkway near Galax. From there it was a short jaunt down to Saluda, NC, so we got to explore the area a bit and drive up to Mt Pisgah on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Pigeon Gap elevation 4500 ft
Skinny Dip Falls- we were appropriately clothed, although wet suits might have been nice given the water temp
Blue Ridge Music Center
Waiting for Dad to pack up after the show at The Purple Onion
Exploring Nashville before the show

Already we’ve seen some friendly faces and new places. We are getting used to sleeping in our little beds in the camper and navigating country roads and city streets. The first few days close to home were fun, and we are excited and maybe a little nervous about long days ahead as we turn west.

We are also trying to navigate how we talk about Norah and interact with folks on the road. For me (Eric), The Steel Wheels shows present a tough situation. When I am performing, I am at my most visible and exposed. My subconscious response is to close down emotionally. It can be very hard to switch gears and converse with people in a genuine way. I’m trying not to be to unavailable to people, especially friends and supporters, but it is one of those things that takes time. In the meantime, I am hoping that this blog will be a way of letting people in and letting them know how, or at least what, we are doing. Thanks for following along.

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  1. Nancy says:

    As a longtime supporter, it is difficult to know what to say. Just know we all care for you and your family.
    Just remember,……One day at a time. ❤️

  2. Always in our minds and hearts.. This blog/journal is a great way to express your emotions and keep talking about Norah. We are honored to be invited along.. (you guys have a post in my blog:)

  3. Patressa Kearns says:

    Nancy expressed exactly my own sentiments: It IS hard to know what to say. I find it easier to let my feelings out in writing than I do face to face. I turn shy as a feral cat just when I meet musicians after shows to get their autographs on CDs, never mind trying to say just the right thing to a favorite musician who has lost a child.

    Keep writing, because journaling helps the writer and because so many appreciate and need to be with you and your family in spirit as you take this healing, fun, adventurous journey. We understand it’s hard to be chatty and “on.” We love you and The Steel Wheels so much, and we’re all pulling and praying for you. We revel with you, too, every inch of the way.

  4. Vickie says:

    I really think in instances such as this, if you are open to a genuine hug after the show, that would be my expression of caring. Grasping a person’s loss of a child…there truly are no words and fans struggle too not knowing for certain what to say or do. Thankful that you are putting one foot in front of the other and doing what you must do to maintain some semblance of normal. Your embracing the beauty of travel with your family and seeing that your youngest is nurtured as well as nurturing yourselves is of utmost importance. Learning to navigate a new vehicle and seeing new sites sounds like the best possible way to do that. Prayers for continued strength and blessings. Much love….

  5. Polly says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. You all have been on my mind so much. The love of many folks travels with you. ♥️

  6. Jan Houser says:

    This blog is a powerful, spiritual experience. God has given you the strength to journal your painful loss. The simple act of writing and sharing is all that your loved ones and fans desire. I, for one, want so much to hug each member of your family, cry with you, and share. I know, though, that your process if so raw right now that it would be painful for you to interact with people other than your family members. When the time it right, I will seek you out after you play somewhere to give you that hug. Your family is special.

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